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FEUER & MEDS Nursing Review Lecture (MP3 format)

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FEUER & MEDS Nursing Review Lecture (MP3 Format-para mainstall nyo na sa mp3 player nyo)


The lecture is 33 hours, recorded live and then carefully edited, the current version contains updated material. New material has extra emphasis on delegation, priorities, legal issues, and disaster situations. Psychiatric includes a new section on multicultural nursing. NCLEX style questions are integrated throughout the lectures.

The lecture reviews the 4 subjects:
Medical Surgical, Pediatrics, Women's Health & Maternal / New born Nursing, and Psychiatric Nursing.
The audio was digitally recorded and professionally processed for exceptional sound quality.



35 hrs live lecture Concepts included are:

  • fluids & electrolytes, acid
  • base balance
  • respiratory sys. Disorders
  • git, hepatic & pancreatic disorders
  • musculoskeletal disorders
  • endocrine system function & disorders
  • blood disorders
  • cardiovascular system disorders – gut system disorders
  • neurological system disorders
  • oncology nursing
  • psychiatric nursing
  • anxiety / schizoprenia
  • mood disorders & associated behaviour personality disorders
  • chemical dependence / abuse organic mental disorders – review of female reproductive nursing labor & delivery
  • post partal adaptation & nursing assessment reproductive risk & complication
  • nursing care of the neonate review of high risk new born nursing care of the gynecologic client
  • growth & development
  • the hospitalized child / care (congenital anomalies) – endocrine disorders / hematological disorders
  • nursing management
  • nclex


  • Save Valuable Study Time - Learn to focus on only  the essential information
    needed for the NCLEX in this comprehensive curriculum review!
  • Learn at your own pace and focus on your deficits
  •  This audio series is ideal for all students preparing for the NCLEX. Study Anytime!
  • Organized approach makes information easy to learn
  • User-friendly,
  • convenient format

    Price: P600.00 only or swap with pets

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pwede din manila and quezon city area basta lrt at mrt stations ang meeting point, kaya lang add P50 para sa transportation ko.

for faster transaction text 09228892620.

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